It all started when…

Maxi Hoffmann was -1 months old. Still in the belly of her mother that rubbed at the pottery wheel. Maxi’s mother was a Master Potter, owning a successful pottery in GDR/East Germany.

By the time Germany united and people craved after mass-produced products, the pottery shut down. Although Maxi never learned how to do pottery in her childhood, the love for ceramics and design was always around.

Maxi lived in New Zealand, Graz, Amsterdam and London which further influenced her passion for product design and interior design. In 2013 she moved to Düsseldorf and started to work as a Marketing Manager. Her will to create physical things directed her to a pottery course by Ulrich Schmitz. That was the beginning of something beautiful and Maxi put all her passion into the creation of ceramics.

The result is happiness and a neat collection of vases, bowls, cups and plates.

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